It takes planning and organisation to see your doctor. First you need to phone your surgery and hope there’s a convenient appointment time. When you’ve booked your appointment, you have to think about getting to and from the surgery. Then there’s the travel time to contend with. And when you arrive, you might have to wait a while before you’re seen.

That might be OK for intermittent appointments. But if you need to see your doctor regularly or struggle to find an appointment slot to fit around your busy schedule it can become a headache.

Imagine the time you’d save if you could have a consultation with your doctor remotely at a time to suit you instead…

Now you can.

Introducing OKDOK – the efficient way
to have routine consultations with your doctor

OKDOK is a user-friendly app (application) which connects you and your doctor via video call. It’s just like having a face-to-face consultation, but with added flexibility. All you need is your phone or tablet.

Why use OKDOK?



  • You can do everything in the app, from booking appointments and having consultations, through to accessing medical notes – everything in one place, saving you precious time
  • Book and manage appointments - no need to phone up your surgery, no waiting times and no worrying about whether you’ll get an appointment
  • Make arrangements directly with your GP – giving you more flexibility with appointment times to fit around your schedule
  • Access your doctor’s advice during and after the consultation – use it at the pharmacy or keep it as a record
  • Have consultations from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world – convenience at your fingertips
  • Easy to download and set up – you don’t need to be a technology whizz
  • High-quality, high-definition video streaming – providing distraction-free consultations
  • Free to NHS patients – just like your usual appointments
  • Built-in payment gateway for private patients – keeping payment arrangements simple
  • Secure software with full HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance – peace of mind that your personal data is safe
  • You still have appointments with your usual doctor – the same familiarity, the same relationship maintained

Download and start using

The application is available for all types of devices

How to get started

It's as simple as that! Online consultations to suit you. Ask your doctor about the
OKDOK app at your next appointment

  • Speak to your doctor about having your next consultation via the OKDOK app. If they agree it’s suitable for your healthcare needs, they’ll give you a flyer which includes their unique six-digit ID code (you’ll need this code later on)
  • Download the app from the app store [search ‘OKDOK’] or by scanning the QR code on the flyer
  • Register and complete your profile, filling in all required fields
  • Add your doctor to the app by adding their unique six-digit ID code and wait for confirmation
  • You're all set up! You can now book appointments, have video consultations with your doctor and access any advice and notes shared during the call – to book your first consultation click on ‘new appointment’

Introducing OKDOK DOCTOR

The effective way to have routine consultations with your patients.


OKDOK is a user-friendly software for medical professional and patients available on desktop, tablet and on smart phone which connects healthcare service provider and patients via video call with an add on AI based triaging and a peer to peer communication.
Use OKDOK DOCTOR for your next consulation

  • Have consultations from any location – convenience at your fingertips
  • Manage everything in the OKDOK DOCTOR, from accepting appointments and having consultations, through to updating patient medical records – you control which patients can have online consultations, what times you’re available and payments (for private patients)
  • AI based patient triaging before the actual consulation
  • Built-in payment gateway for private patients – keeping payment arrangements simple
  • Ideal for patients who are on a long-term treatment plan who need regular consultations or those who struggle to attend appointments – a streamlined consultation process
  • Built-in Peer to Peer messaging feature - Secure purpose-built digital messaging for real-time communication between doctors and medical professional colleagues
  • Comes with admin panel software to create account for your organisation/institution/clinic/hospital and manage appointments and patient record
  • OKDOK DOCTOR encourage peer to peer learning. Share your experience and expertise with your colleagues. Create new forum or subscribe to existing forum. Get notified when new discussion added to subscriber forum
  • High quality video and audio call (peer to peer) come free with OKDOK DOCTOR application
  • Secure software with full HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance – the same standard of confidentiality and care taken with your patients’ personal data as you’d expect at your surgery

Get in touch

If you're a doctor who would like to start using the OKDOK app, please contact.

  • info@doctoros.co.uk
  • Canley Digital Healthcare Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road,
    N1 7GU London, United Kingdom