We are a company based in the UK providing video consultation platform software for various health providers in many countries. OKDOK is founded and run by a team of well experienced software engineers, doctors and management executives who are passionate about telehealth and have excelled in their respective careers for many years.

OKDOK has instant audio and video consultation facility matching industry standards and provide encrypted electronic medical record storing facility with emphasis of Confidentiality and Security.

Arif Moothadeth

Arif is the Medical Director of OKDOK and a co-founder. Arif is Occupational health physician for various large-scale employers in automobile/engine manufacturing, port, local authority SMEs, based in the North east of England and Cumbria.

Haris Kunnummal - Chief Medical Officer

Haris is a General Practitioner in National Health Service. He worked as a hospital doctor in NHS, which has gave him invaluable experience in various aspects of Medicine. Haris have a special interest in Dermatology. Haris is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of OKDOK.

Raj Maher - Chief Executive Officer

Raj has 30 years of expertise in the fields of Quality Assurance and Software Compliance, Technology Research and Engineering Reliability. He is the Chief Executive Officer of OKDOK

Patryk Gacparski - Chief Information Security Officer

Patryk is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of OKDOK. Looks after cyber security stratagy of the company and products. He is responsible for data protection compliance.